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  • Is it tax-included display?
    It is displayed with tax.
  • What kind of payment method do you have?
    Payment method: Credit card / Debit card payment (VISA / Mastercard / JCB / AMEX / Diners Club), Smartphone payment (PayPay / LINE Pay), PayPal, Convenience store payment (Family Mart / Lawson / Ministop / Daily Yamazaki / Seiko Mart), Pay-easy, Bank transfer, Cash payment is available. * Postpaid payment is not available. * A separate fee will be charged for Convenience store payments, Pay-easy, and Bank transfers.
  • Is there a deadline for convenience stores and bank transfers?
    ·convenience store  If payment is not confirmed within one week, the purchased product will be automatically canceled. ·Bank transfer  If payment is not confirmed within 14 days, the purchased product will be automatically canceled. Please note that. If you need more reserves for unavoidable reasons, please give us a contact.
  • Please tell me about the receipt
    ・Credit card  Please use the usage statement issued by the credit card company as a receipt. ・Convenience store settlement  The receipt issued at the convenience store at the time of payment can be used as a receipt as it is.  Receipts cannot be issued from this shop for convenience store payments (KOMOJU).  If you have a desired name, please enter it in the first and last name input field on the payment information input screen of KOMOJU that will be forwarded during the payment procedure. ・Bank transfer  The bank transfer statement will be used instead of issuing a receipt. ・ Cash payment  We will respond if you wish. * Normally, we do not issue a separate receipt from this shop.  If you wish to issue a receipt from this shop due to unavoidable circumstances, please enter your desired name and description at the "Remarks" in the shopping cart or "Inquiries".  We will send you a receipt after payment is completed.
  • When will they arrive after I place an order?
    We will ship within 5 days after payment is confirmed. In Japan, it will arrive in about 1 to 5 days after shipping. Overseas, if you are in a country where EMS is available, it will arrive in about 3 to 10 days after shipping. Also, due to the circumstances, there are some countries where the delivery route is only by sea. In that case, it may take more than 1month or 2 to arrive, so we would appreciate it if you could check and understand it at any time. We will look for other ways to arrive as soon as possible and let you know. →[Japan Post]Whether or not to send by country / region
  • Is there a shipping fee?
    Shipping cost will be charged separately. Please check the following. Shipping cost: ・ Nationwide uniform 2000 yen (Yu-Pack) ・ Overseas uniform 5000 yen (International Mail)
  • Can I cancel?
    In principle, we cannot accept cancellations after payment is completed. If you have any unavoidable circumstances, please contact us. If a clearly malicious intention or repetition is confirmed, we may refuse further transactions. Please note that.
  • Can I return or exchange it?
    Return deadline: Within 7 days of the arrival of the item [Return of defective products] If there is a defect such as damage during delivery or delivery of a product different from the ordered product (wrong delivery), we will accept returns and exchanges at our expense. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please be sure to contact us within 7 days after delivery. In addition, we cannot accept returns for products that are older than 8 days. [Returns due to customer's convenience] If you wish to return or exchange for your convenience, such as an erroneous purchase or a significant difference from the image, Please be sure to contact us within 7 days after the item arrives and then return it. In order to prevent the trouble of non-delivery of returned goods, please return it by a method with tracking service such as Takkyubin. Customers are responsible for shipping and handling charges when returning goods. [Returns and exchanges cannot be accepted in the following cases] ・ There is damage, scratches, dirt, burns, etc. due to customer handling. ・ Customer processed. ・ The outer box, packing material, bag, etc. sent with the product were lost or damaged. ・ Judged as a deliberate return or an unclear mischievous order. ・ More than 8 days have passed since the product arrived. If you have any unavoidable circumstances, please contact us. If a clearly malicious intention or repetition is confirmed, we may refuse further transactions. Please note that.
  • Please tell me about the order.
    After hearing the desired color and motif, Sincerely, I will start the production. You can leave it to us. Hearings include website inquiries, Instagram DMs, face-to-face meetings, etc. You can choose a method that is easy to convey your wishes. About 1 work (2 sets) Hearing-Production-Delivery (Posted and confirmed on this site), it takes about one month on average. Depending on the situation at that time, we may be able to deliver the product earlier. On the contrary, it may take longer, but in that case we will inform you of the situation in advance. I would be honored to be able to help create a new space. We are waiting for your order.
  • Are the canvases heavy? Are the canvases heavy?
    No, it's light. [Reference] Size F6 (410mm x 318mm) About 380g Size F0 (180mm x 140mm) About 150g
  • Please tell me the precautions for handling the product.
    ・ It is a very delicate product.  The canvas with the cloth on the wooden frame is finished with acrylic paint.  Although it has a protective finish with matte varnish, it is easy to get scratches and shine if it is rubbed or hit.  We recommend that you place it on a stable wall or shelf, or out of reach in homes with children. ・Please avoid displaying and storing paintings in places exposed to direct sunlight and high humidity.  It may cause fading or peeling of the paint. ・Please do not touch the painting surface with bare hands as much as possible.  Grease and dirt from your hands may adhere to the surface and the color and texture of the painting may change.  When cleaning, please wear white cotton gloves and gently clean with a soft, scratch-resistant duster or a handy mop. ・The cracks in the paint are due to the characteristics of acrylic and are not inadequate.  It occurs naturally in thickened areas.  I hope you can rest assured.
  • Please tell me how to decorate
    It is not framed, so we recommend that you decorate the canvas as it is. It fits in the space. Of course, you can enjoy the presence of the painting, It is also a good idea to get a separate amount to protect your work. To decorate the canvas as it is, ・ Put two Dharma pins on the wall and hook them. ・Attach parts to the wooden frame and hook them with a string. ・ Put it on the floor or shelf as it is There are methods such as. ・Attach with an adhesive that does not damage the wall. There are methods such as. * There is a good article that can be used as a reference, so I will post it. ====================================== [Tips for decorating NATSU OGUMA's work] Like the product photo of NATSU OGUMA, Here are some tips for aligning the smaller canvas at the bottom of the larger one and decorating it on the wall. A set of two pieces will take some time to install, but If you decorate it well, you will have a higher-grade space. * This is a method of making a hole in the wall. * It often happens that some holes are made during fine adjustment. Please refer to here for how to fill in. ====================================== ① If possible, work with two people (Of course you can do it alone.) ② Prepare a ruler . ③ Solidify the image of which room and position to decorate. ④ First decide the guideline for the mounting position of the large canvas. ⑤ Check the back side of the large canvas and measure the height of the upper wooden frame. ⑥ Attach two pins to the wall of the space you want to decorate with a space of 4-5 cm so that they will be caught in the wooden frame behind the larger canvas. (* The height of the pin itself is also high, so if you can make a hole, make it 1-2 mm lower than the standard.) ⑦ If there is a person who can visually check if it is bent, ask for cooperation. ⑧ Next, check the back side of the smaller canvas and measure the height of the upper wooden frame. ⑨ Align the ruler under the large canvas and visually check that the bottom of the small canvas is aligned in a straight line. ⑩ Keep a reasonable distance between the two canvases. ⑪ Do not move the small canvas as it is, and use a ruler to determine the position to attach the pin from the top of it. ⑫ Remove the small canvas and attach two pins to the wall at intervals of 3-4 cm. ⑬If you attach a small canvas and the angle is neatly parallel to the floor, you're done. Surprisingly, it is often bent visually, so make fine adjustments each time. ====================================== As much as you spend time, you can enjoy the fresh air flowing in the space deeply every day. I would be honored if you could take on the challenge. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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