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Born August 30, 1986 in Tokyo.


She has been interested in painting since childhood and has a career as an assistant in a painting class for children even when she was a student.


At the same time, she had many opportunities to come into contact with the digital field due to her father's influence, and felt the endless possibilities.
So after graduating from university, she worked as a web designer for a IT company.


After that, she becomes a caseworker in search of experience in interpersonal assistance,

but realizes that her desire "to make things" is a special driving force, and returns to the production site.


From 2022, she embraced her own personality and destiny, and decided to start her career as a painter.



My theme is “connection”. 
The feature of my works is that they are finished products as a set of two.


Through the works with bright colors, you can of course create a modern space, 

and you can feel various social relationships such as parents and children, brothers and sisters, teachers and pupils.

I'm sure they will help create new room and time in your mind.

Most of the works use gradation colors with acrylic paint.


We deliver to Japan and abroad.
If you have any questions about painting,
please feel free to contact us by Instagram DM or website.



Natsu Oguma​​

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