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combination 004 : Japanesque

combination 004 : Japanesque

A strong and beautiful country.

Suppleness in fragility, denseness in margins, uniqueness in simplicity.


*2022 Kobe Hankyu special exhibition "art art art and art" Exhibited work

[ Detailed explanation ]

・Date: 2022.7.8
・Series: combination
・Size: F6 (W318mm × H410mm × D15mm), F0 (W140mm × H180mm × D15mm)
・Art materials: ①Acrylic paint / Turner Color Works, Ltd. , Bonny ColArt Co.,Ltd. ②Varnish (coating agent) / Holbein Works, Ltd.
・Canvas: Cotton, wooden frame

* This is a set of 2 pieces.
* On the back of the paintings, the title / date / kind of paint / signature are written.
* These are lightweight, they can be hung on thumbtacks or nails.
* You can display them as it is by leaning it against a wall or shelf.

[About the work on the relevant page]
* The color of the photos and the actual color may differ slightly due to lighting and other factors.


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